My services can be tailored according to your needs. They are flexible and my fees are negotiable. My services can range from answering your questions one short session to helping you design an itinerary with all things considered and provide you with live online support while you are on your trip should you need it.

The following may be some things I may be able to help you with:

  1. Where should I stay? Which hostel group would be the cheapest? Which are nice? Is any of the “card-deals” worth it? Should I couchsurf?
  2. Plan your transport options. Which flight company? Which coach companies? How do I save money on transportation?
  3. Visa issues. What are the documents I need to show?
  4. Discuss itineraries: plan destinations around your interests.
  5. Safety issues: which places are not safe, general tips for safety.
  6. General vagabonding principles…